Don’t sell Disney yet—you’ll want to own it

The Walt Disney Co.: “Don’t sell Disney yet. [CEO] Bob Iger’s doing an amazing job. I don’t know about this next couple of quarters. He’s got to do this big transition with the over-the-top. But I think, long term, you want to own Disney very badly.”

American Superconductor Corp.: “I think it’s been too hot, frankly. I think we’ve got to let some go. I don’t have that level of conviction up here.”

Activision Blizzard Inc.: “Look, they had the bounce. I’m not saying that it was necessarily a bounce that wasn’t deserved, because the company is not as bad. But it’s now kind of settled in. I think I’d rather own EA on the way up than that, frankly.”

PCM Inc.: “To me, that seems like a copycat company. Kind of an online mall. I have to say that I would ka-ching, ka-ching.”

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “That’s a really hard biotech. When I did my Biotech Bible for, I did a lot of work on it, but I’m so out of touch with it, I’ve got to come back. Like many of the biotechs, I can’t just say it looks great because I’ve got to see what’s in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and what’s about to be approved.”

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.: “Oh, man, it’s [CEO] Brian Niccol. He has it going. Thank heaven [CFO] Jack Hartung’s still there. The ad campaign is brilliant. The food never lost its edge. […] We never gave up on Chipotle.”

Cenovus Energy Inc.: “No. I’m [at] the point where I’m not going to recommend anything fossil soon. But that one just had a nice little move up. I would say [ring the register].”

Docusign Inc.: “I like Docusign. I want to have them on this show. There’s a very, very smart company. And, look, Ellie Mae just got a bid. Buy, buy, buy.”

El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc.: “I like this. I got it wrong. I stuck with it and now we’re getting back up. And I’ve got to tell you [to ring the register]. I can’t. I fear this: [the House of Pain].”

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