Email may be more important than browsing history when it comes to employer surveillance

It’s possible you could be kissing that bonus goodbye.

Just as your digital imprint can snarl up your job hunt, what you do at work can impact your professional persona.

Most employees know they shouldn’t be spending much time at work sending personal emails or shopping on Amazon.

Those who think of it may take the trouble to clear their browsing history, according to a survey by Simply Hired, a job-search site.

But that may not do as much to protect privacy as employees think.

Some two-thirds of companies monitor employees for e-mail infractions, and half have fired workers for those infractions, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Many employers take advantage of tracking devices to read employee email. A survey by the American Management Association found in 2007 that nearly half of companies monitored employee email, and 28 percent had fired an employee for email misuse.

To be blunt, email at work isn’t private.

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