How to play Nvidia’s ‘best-in-show’ stock

Nvidia Corp.: “Yes[, this is a good time to start nibbling on Nvidia]. OK, Nvidia reports on Thursday. I think the quarter is going to be just OK, not great. I think your next quarter is going to have a product gap because they’ve got this Turing chip that is so smart that nobody’s running for it yet. But the answer is I agree. I’d buy a little before and then a little after. Do not make a big commitment because the stock is in free fall, but I like your thinking. Long term, it is the best in show.”

Impinj Inc.: “This one is way too crazy for me. In this market, for identification [and] RFID, we like Zebra, not this one. Don’t buy.”

Roku Inc.: “You’re still OK. It is coming down because it’s one of those situations where what’s happened is the market no longer likes these very high-multiple stocks. I would sell half and then see what happens, because it really did have a good quarter. It was not a bad quarter.”

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.: “I think Cypress is way too low to be able to give up right now. I think the quarter’s actually going to be OK. People don’t like that group, but Cypress is doing well and the management is excellent and you can pocket that dividend.”

Science Applications Intl. Corp.: “I like that military provider and I think it’s really terrific. I’ll tell you what: I don’t understand why that company is still public. I think it’s only a matter of time. I want you to stay long it. I would even buy some right here. Good idea.”

Micron Technology Inc.: “No. Not cheap yet. I think that you haven’t seen the estimates cut. As soon as the estimates are cut, then we can look at it. Until then, it can continue to go lower.”

AvalonBay Communities Inc.: “That actually is doing well because people are having a hard time being able to afford a new home, so that’s why it’s doing well. I think it’s a good stock here.”

Prudential Financial Inc.: “I like Prudential here. I like the insurers. We are in a deflationary environment, not an inflationary environment. The Fed’s got it wrong and I would say buy, buy, buy!”

Eaton Corp.: “I think Eaton’s good. The quarter wasn’t spectacular, but it’s a good industrial. Now, you’ve got to deal with the fact that Europe is, I think, teetering on recession, but all that said, I would hold [it] for the long term. Management’s done a good job.”

Exxon Mobil Corp.: “You can’t go wrong with Exxon Mobil, but you have to understand that I think that oil’s probably headed to the low $50s, high $40s, and there, you’ll be able to pick up a little bit more. So you can buy some now and some later, but 11 straight days of oil going down is not a good sign. Exxon did have a good quarter. It’s got a great balance sheet.”

SAP SE: “I have to tell you, I think [the Qualtrics deal] is one of those ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ situations. I think they’re trying to stay in the game, stay relevant with Salesforce. I prefer Salesforce. I’m going to talk about Salesforce when [the club has] our conference call Wednesday and why I think that SAP, while good, is not as good.”

Vornado Realty Trust: “Here’s my issue: Vornado, Simon Property Group, Federal Realty, Kimco, they all act great, and that’s because I think that they’re not going to be able to get financing to be able to build a lot of other malls or shopping centers. VNO is right. And I’ve got to tell you, this guy Steve Roth who runs it? He’s tough. I like him.”

McDonald’s Corp.: “Oh, man. McDonald’s is probably best in show. We had a meeting this morning with my staff and I said, ‘You know what? If that stock comes down, buy, buy, buy.’ But it doesn’t want to come in. [CEO] Steve Easterbrook’s doing a great job.”

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