The Dots founder on keeping employees happy

According to Jamieson, who set up the network for creative professionals in 2014, a positive environment can entice workers to stay for longer — even if the pay isn’t as high as a competitor’s offer.

“What I found is that happiness and productivity are completely correlated. So, if people are happy in your business, they work hard, they are driven.”

Another step that The Dots incorporates to ensure that happiness levels remain high is based around a quarterly evaluation, which asks employees to complete an anonymous survey. During the panel event, Jamieson outlined the style of questions sent out:

  1. How happy are you to come to The Dots each day, out of 10?
  2. What do you love about working here?
  3. How can we improve the company’s product?
  4. How can we improve the work environment, to elevate happiness?
  5. What would you do if you were the CEO?

“It’s a bit like an exit interview — but the problem is when someone’s already left the business, how are you going to fix what they did after they’ve left? So (the survey) gives me a real-world view of what’s going on,” she said. With the survey being anonymous, it allows workers to be completely honest; plus the survey allows fresh business ideas to materialize.

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